Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Yoga Reading: An Introduction

This section of the blog will be a fortnightly post in which I talk about the most recent Yoga related book I've read. I want to make this as a resource list of all of the Yoga related books I've found and whether or not I found them to be a good resource.

As soon as I started practicing Yoga I wanted to read as many books on the topic as possible so I could learn more about Yoga in theory while also practicing. I found it difficult to find books in the beginning as there were only a few posts here and there about favourite books related to Yoga. I found that the people who made the posts tended to refer to only a small handful of books. 

As I read through the books about Yoga I'll be making these posts about them. I'll also compile a master list with books listed under sub-headings so books about specific parts of Yoga can be easily found. The goal of this is to compile a list of books about Yoga in one place so anyone can find them.

I'm going to be posting the book discussions here every second Wednesday but I have also made a separate blog in which you can find them and more about my Yoga journey.

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