Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The New Zealand Section: The Salted Air by Thom Conroy

Title: The Salted Air
Author: Thom Conroy
Published: RHNZ Vintage, 1 June 2016

Synopsis: 28-year-old Djuna is without a foothold. The suicide of her partner has left her derailed and casting about for the joy she fears may be gone for good. Her parents' relationship has disintegrated, her family home is occupied by Burmese refugees, and she is drawn to the one man she must reject.
In pursuit of a roving father and a renewed sense of belonging, Djuna wanders from Wellington to the natural beauty of New Zealand's remote East Cape. (Taken from Goodreads)

Thoughts:  As I read more books by New Zealand authors I'm finding that I'm also expanding my reading horizons a little and reading books I wouldn't typically read. Literary fiction is a new foray for me and I think The Salted Air falls into that category.

This book is written really beautifully. Thom Conroy has a nice poetic writing style and it just made reading this book a really nice experience. He captured the emotions of the book really well too. There were so many times when I felt just as Djuna was feeling.

There is great descriptive writing within this book and it explored and described the East Cape of New Zealand so well. There were times where I could picture it so vividly in my head and it really made me want to go there.

The main character Djuna is 28 and I felt like she didn't act like it a lot of the times. Just the relationship with her parents seemed so strange. It made the book have a strangely fascinating angle as I struggled to understand the relationship she had with her parents.

I found The Salted Air to be a really intriguing and enjoyable read. It's quite complex but the shortness of the chapters made the book easier to digest. Thom Conroy has another book out called, The Naturalist which I think I'll pick up some time soon.

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