Monday, February 15, 2016

Dexter by Design by Jeff Lindsay

Title: Dexter by Design

Author: Jeff Lindsay

Published: Orion, 2008

Pages: 344

Series: Book 4, Dexter

Summary: May contain spoilers!  After his surprisingly glorious honeymoon in Paris, life is almost normal for Dexter Morgan. Married life seems to agree with him: he’s devoted to his bride, his stomach is full, and his homicidal hobbies are nicely under control. But old habits die hard — and Dexter’s work as a blood spatter analyst never fails to offer new temptations that appeal to his offbeat sense of justice... and his Dark Passenger still waits to hunt with him in the moonlight.

The discovery of a corpse (artfully displayed as a sunbather relaxing on a Miami beach chair) naturally piques Dexter’s curiosity and Miami’s finest realize they’ve got a terrifying new serial killer on the loose. And Dexter, of course, is back in business.  (Taken from Goodreads)

Thoughts: I had read the first page of this book a couple of times before I actually managed to keep going.  I think my apprehension in reading this was because the third book was a little average and I wasn't sure which direction this one would go in.

The serial killer in this book had an interesting way of killing.  The descriptions were fairly gruesome.  And Jeff Lindsay definitely makes the serial killers quite unique in their actions.

I find there is a little bit of a disconnect between the way the book is written and the subject matter.  The writing is so easy and light whereas the subject itself is quite dark.  It's just interesting how that occurs.

I do feel that it took me almost no time at all to finish this book because it was really interesting.  At first I thought I knew the exact direction the book would go in but then things happened that changed the way the book was going and I was really intrigued about how things would end.  I would say that I felt like the ending did drag out a little bit.

Overall, I quite enjoyed reading Dexter by Design.  It was interesting and a big improvement on the previous book in the series.  I look forward to reading the next book sometime soon.

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