Friday, October 23, 2015

Night Child by Jes Battis

Title: Night Child

Author: Jes Battis

Published: Ace, 2008

Pages: 293

Series: Book 1, OSI

Summary: Tess Corday, Occult Special Investigator for Vancouver's Mystical Crime Lab, is used to seeing dead vampires. But there's nothing ordinary about this case. Not the lab results on the cause of death. Not the teenage girl living at the address found in the vamp's pocket, who may well be in thrall to a demon. And certainly not Lucian Agrado, the necromancer who is liaison to the vampire community. Agrado is supposed to be part of the solution, but Tess suspects he might be part of the problem.

Soon she finds herself in the middle of a paranormal conspiracy that will change her life forever... and possibly end it.  (Taken from Goodreads)

Thoughts: I purchased this book a couple of years ago when I was just getting into the urban fantasy genre and wanting to find as many books as I could on the topic.  I have finally picked it up and can say that I quite enjoyed it.

Night Child, started off with a really interesting first line and I was hooked into the mystery of the dead vampire and what could have happened to him.  From the beginning, events kind of spiral out and there were so many interesting things going on.

I do have to say that I didn't really like some of the things that Tess did.  I just felt that she defied orders sometimes for no reason.  Then she would be in trouble but she just didn't care and it seemed like the bosses didn't really care either.  It was a little odd.

The magic in this story is interspersed with science and I thought that was so interesting.  It talked a lot about blood types and how that affects vampirism and things like that.

I felt like the ending reveal felt a little weak and I just felt like it was a little bit of a letdown.  It actually took me a couple of days to get through the last 50 pages.  I dunno, it just felt a little bit cheap or weaker than the rest of the story.

Overall, I enjoyed Night Child.  I'll definitely pick up the next book in the series as I really loved the scientific aspect of the magic and so I am interested in seeing how the next book develops this idea.

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