Monday, September 21, 2015

Dexter in the Dark by Jeff Lindsay

Title: Dexter in the Dark

Author: Jeff Lindsay

Published: Orion, 2008

Pages: 376

Series: Book 3, Dexter

Summary: May contain spoilers! In his work as a Miami crime scene investigator, Dexter Morgan is accustomed to seeing evil deeds...particulary because, on occasion, he rather enjoys committing them himself. Guided by his dark Passenger - the voice inside him that helps stalk his prey - he lives his outwardly normal life adhering to one simple rule: he only kills very bad people.

Dexter slides through life underected, working as a blood splatter analyst for the Miami Police Department, helping his fiancee raise her two adorable (if somewhat...unique) children, and always planning his next jaunt as Dexter the Dark Avenger under the light of the full moon.

But everything changes when Dexter is called to a gruesome double homicide. Dex realises he's dealing with someone a whole lot more sinister than he is and it sends the Dark Passenger into hiding. And when something scares your friendly neighbourhood serial killer, you know it's serious...
More used to inspiring fear then experiencing it, Dex must investigate, while simultaneously coping with is demanding family. If he's to save himself, and those around him, Dexter must pose questions he's never dared ask - where does evil come from, and does it hide inside everyone...?  (Taken from Goodreads)

Thoughts: It has been a while since I read a Dexter book, but I have been thinking about picking this one up for a while now, so I did.  I was a little hesitant about this one, because a good friend of mine said that it wasn't a good book at all.  

I have to say that when I was reading the first chapter I was a little thrown because the writing style was kind of strange and I was a little tempted to put the book down to read at a later time.  However, I decided to carry on and once I got a few chapters in, I got used to the weird writing style.

Another thing I found while reading this book was that I found it hard to differentiate between the previous books and the tv series so I had to think hard about what had happened in books 1 and 2 as opposed to seasons 1 and 2 because there are some pretty big differences.  Really, in the future to remedy this, I just need to read the next book closer to this one rather than reading it in a year or two.

Overall, I felt like the book was an enjoyable and entertaining read and I'm looking forward to continuing on with the series.

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