Friday, July 17, 2015

Shadow Scale by Rachel Hartman

Title: Shadow Scale

Author: Rachel Hartman

Published: Random House Children's Books, March 2015

Pages: 608

Series: Book 2, Seraphina

Summary: May contain spoilers! The kingdom of Goredd: a world where humans and dragons share life with an uneasy balance, and those few who are both human and dragon must hide the truth. Seraphina is one of these, part girl, part dragon, who is reluctantly drawn into the politics of her world. When war breaks out between the dragons and humans, she must travel the lands to find those like herself—for she has an inexplicable connection to all of them, and together they will be able to fight the dragons in powerful, magical ways. 

As Seraphina gathers this motley crew, she is pursued by humans who want to stop her. But the most terrifying is another half dragon, who can creep into people’s minds and take them over. Until now, Seraphina has kept her mind safe from intruders, but that also means she’s held back her own gift. It is time to make a choice: Cling to the safety of her old life, or embrace a powerful new destiny?  (Taken from Goodreads)

Thoughts:  After reading Seraphina almost as soon as it came out, I have been waiting a very long time to get my hands on Shadow Scale.  Seraphina was such a good book and so I had high expectations for Shadow Scale.

I feel as though my expectations may have been a little too high, as while I found Shadow Scale to be a good read, it just wasn't anywhere near as good as Seraphina.  That being said, after a while of reading this book I started to get a little bit bored with the book and was considering putting it down.  However, I really loved Seraphina so I really wanted to give Shadow Scale a chance.  I decided to continue on and read this book in the end.

I feel like if I wasn't listening to this book on audio I probably would have finished it.  I didn't hate this book but it wasn't amazing either.  I did continue to the end, and I will say that I feel as though the end was so odd.  It wasn't at all what I was expecting and not in a good way.  The romance was hinted at throughout this book and Seraphina, yet the outcome was rather different.

I don't even really know what to say about Shadow Scale to be honest.  I felt as though a lot of what made Seraphina amazing, was missing in this one.  I also felt like a lot of the interesting aspects of the story were put down and disregarded a lot.

As this was a library book I have to say that I will not be purchasing my own copy of Shadow Scale because it isn't something I want to read again.  This is supposed to be the last book about Seraphina but not the last book set in Seraphina's world.  At this point, I just don't feel any excitement about reading any more in the series.

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