Friday, June 26, 2015

When You Are Old: Early Poems and Fairy Tales by W. B. Yeats

Title: When You Are Old: Early Poems and Fairy Tales

Author: W. B. Yeats

Published: Penguin, 2014

Pages: 336

Summary: A specially compiled edition for the Penguin Drop Caps series, When You Are Old will include the most accessible, best-known poems by W.B. Yeats from his early years that made the Nobel Prize winning writer and poet popular in his day.  The volume will include all the major love poems written most notably for the brilliant yet elusive Irish revolutionary Maude Gonne. Recalling Yeats’s 1890s fascination in  aestheticism and the arts and crafts movement, selections will draw from the first published versions of poems from works such as CrosswaysThe RoseThe Wind Among the ReedsIn the Seven WoodsThe Green Helmet and Other PoemsResponsibilitiesThe Wild Swans at Coole, and Michael Robartes and the Dancer. A selection Irish myths and fairytales including “The Wanderings of Oisin,” a Celtic fable and his first major poem, represent his fascination with mysticism, spiritualism and the rich and imaginative heritage of his native land.  (Taken from Goodreads)

Thoughts: I'm slowly working my way through the Penguin Drop Caps series and when it comes to decide which one to read next I felt like reading some poetry and so I did.  

I really enjoyed reading the poetry of W. B. Yeats.  It's written so wonderfully.  I generally, would read a poem and then just sit for a few seconds and let it sink in.  I took my time with this book because really you have to.

There is one play in this book and I felt as though while I thought it was interesting, I'm not the biggest fan of reading plays so while it was interesting, it would be better to see being performed.

The fairy tales however, were really good and I loved the way Yeats writes.  His writing is really descriptive and I just found it to be really enjoyable to read.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading through When You are Old and this is definitely one of the better Penguin Drop Caps so far.

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