Friday, March 13, 2015

Everlasting Syllabub and the Art of Carving by Hannah Glasse

Title: Everlasting Syllabub and the Art of Carving

Author: Hannah Glasse

Published: Penguin Classics, 2011

Pages: 112

Summary: Writing for domestic servants in a conversational, accessible way, eighteenth-century housewife Hannah Glasse disapproved of French terminology and fussiness, instead favouring simple dishes that are still cooked today - a preference that has earned her the reputation of 'the first Domestic Goddess'.

With recipes for rice pudding, beef rump, barbecued pork, trifle and even the first recipe in Britain for 'Curry the Indian way', as well as tips for choosing your ingredients and cures for the bite of a mad dog, this is an elegant and economical collection of recipes and housekeeping tips to save any homemaker 'a great deal of trouble'.  (Taken from Goodreads)

Thoughts: I'm quite enjoying reading through the Penguin Great Food series and this is the second one I have read.  This one focuses around being a guide book for housewives and so it has sections that are written to make life easier for housewives and their maids.

There is one section in the book about how to prepare your turtle for cooking which I was a little surprised at because I had no idea that people ever ate turtles.  It also was a little bit shocking because it was pretty graphic on the ways of killing a turtle to prepare for cooking.

Not only does this book have recipes but it also has handy things such as identifying if meat is good or bad.  It also has some little household remedies and also some recipes on how to make different soaps.  It is quite a fascinating little book.

I quite enjoyed reading Everlasting Syllabub and the Art of Carving because it just really interests me to learn about the way food used to be prepared and how ingredients have changed over time etc.  While I probably wouldn't make any of these recipes myself, I still thought it was a good book to read through.

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