Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Books I had to read in High School

I was thinking about it the other day and I realised that I always like to know what books people had to read in high school for English. So today I thought I would make a post about the books I had to read in high school and what I thought of them.

I did not like Hatchet at all.  I hardly remember much of it but I remember thinking that it was really boring and honestly this was one book I had to read for school that I just didn't like.

I had actually already read this one for fun so I thought it was cool to read through a book that I had already read.  I do like this book.

I thought this book was quite interesting as it dealt with cults and it kept me quite intrigued.  Not my normal kind of read but it was quite interesting.

I loved Macbeth and it started me off on my love of Shakespeare.

I really did not like the Crucible.  It is such a tiny little book but it took me the longest time to read.

I really loved King Lear and we actually got to go on a trip to the theater to see a production of King Lear.  It was so amazing.

So those were the books that I had to read in high school.  What did you have to read?

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