Saturday, September 13, 2014

My High Fantasy Recommendations

I've been thinking of doing a series of these posts for a little while now and I figured, since I'm posting up every day of the month, now would be the perfect opportunity to do this,  So what is this?  Basically, I am just going to recommend some fantasy novels.  When I say fantasy, I mean high fantasy because I will probably do an urban fantasy post also.  Anyway, not only that but I have sorted into age group as well to make things a little bit nicer.

Middle Grade

This series has everything you could ever want in a high fantasy setting and is written for a middle grade audience.  I have read these books many times and let me tell you that they are amazing.  They're also really fast reads too.  I think this was the first high fantasy series I ever read and it's just the perfect series to get anyone started on the high fantasy genre.

While I have yet to finish the series I can say that the first five are so much fun!  I've heard a lot of people compare this one to Harry Potter but they are nothing alike.  This series is about a wizard named Septimus Heap and the adventures which follow him.  The covers are absolutely gorgeous and the content is so good.  This is another good starting point for some high fantasy.

Young Adult

Graceling is one of my all-time favourite books.  It has a strong female protagonist and the world of the Gracelings is just so interesting and so unique that I loved every moment of it. It's so hard to write about this book without gushing.  Just check out my review here.

Another of my all-time favourite books, I have read this series many times.  It's just the perfect read.  It has a kick-ass female character who wants to become a knight and so she pretends to be her twin brother so that she can do just that.  This book series has everything!  I just loved this book so much.  It also had a kind of love triangle which I remember was the first love triangle I'd ever encountered and I had such strong feelings as to who she should have picked.  This book is a little older than most books but it is still an amazing read.

Dragons!  What else can I say?  A lot actually.  You can check out my review here.

Elantris by Brandon Sanderson

I know that a large majority of people know Brandon Sanderson from his Mistborn Trilogy.  This is however, the one series of Sanderson's I have not yet read.  Therefore, I can't recommend it.  What I can recommend is Elantris, the debut novel of Brandon Sanderson.  It is just so good.  It was the second Sanderson book I read and I feel like this is definitely a good starting point.

So those are some of my recommendations.  What are some of your favourite high fantasy novels?


  1. Have you read Throne of Glass? It's my favourite series ever! :D
    –B @Fangirling Misses

    1. I haven't read it yet but it's sitting on my shelves. I'm hoping to get to it soon!


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