Monday, August 25, 2014

The Bone Bed by Patricia Cornwell

Title: The Bone Bed

Author: Patricia Cornwell

Published: Little Brown and Company, 2012

Pages: 512

Series: Book 20, Kay Scarpetta

Summary: May Contain Spoilers! A woman has vanished while digging a dinosaur bone bed in the remote wilderness of Canada. Somehow, the only evidence has made its way to the inbox of Chief Medical Examiner Kay Scarpetta, over two thousand miles away in Boston. She has no idea why. But as events unfold with alarming speed, Scarpetta begins to suspect that the paleontologist's disappearance is connected to a series of crimes much closer to home: a gruesome murder, inexplicable tortures, and trace evidence from the last living creatures of the dinosaur age. 
When she turns to those around her, Scarpetta finds that the danger and suspicion have penetrated even her closest circles. Her niece Lucy speaks in riddles. Her lead investigator, Pete Marino, and FBI forensic psychologist and husband, Benton Wesley, have secrets of their own. Feeling alone and betrayed, Scarpetta is tempted by someone from her past as she tracks a killer both cunning and cruel.   (Taken from Goodreads)

Thoughts: I know I’ve only been reading this series since March last year but it feels like a lifetime ago since I started that first book and got sucked right into the series and how amazing it was.  In a hurry I purchased the next 20 books in the series as that was all of the books out at the time.  Now, after reading book 20, The Bone Bed, I feel as though it is time to say goodbye.  Everything about this series has degraded over time and reading them has just been a habit for me.  So, while I really want to go out and purchase the next book in the series, I have to be strong and not give in because underneath that pretty cover, I have no doubt, will be another awful story.

Perhaps it was my attitude going into the book that made me not like it very much, but in all fairness I did have a glimmer of hope that everything I had heard about this book was wrong.  Unfortunately I just didn’t enjoy this book very much.  It had all of these really interesting ideas but they all just fell by the wayside and at the front of the story was Scarpetta and how everything revolves around her.

It’s a little hard for me to write my thoughts down on this book because it’s mostly just disappointment.  There is no character development, they’ve all just morphed into these awful people that I really don’t need or want to read about.  I find myself questioning Scarpetta’s judgments and actions pertaining to cases she’s working; and most of all, why does every single case have to be related to Scarpetta or someone she knows?  It just gets so painful.

I feel as though I’m saying goodbye to an old friend I outgrew a while ago but I just kept around because of the whole familiarity thing but at the same time, I hold on to the idea that out there will be new and exciting adventures with new friends such as Temperance Brennan, whose books are in a similar vein to Kay Scarpetta.

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