Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Red Mist by Patricia Cornwell (Although more of a series rant)

Title: Red Mist

Author: Patricia Cornwell

Published: Sphere, 2012

Pages: 502

Series: Book 19, Kay Scarpetta

Summary: May Contain Spoilers! Kay Scarpetta has arranged to meet an inmate at the high-security Georgia Prison for Women. Against advice, she is determined to hear this woman out - she believes the prisoner may hold some answers to the murder of her former deputy. But soon she finds connections to a string of grisly killings.

As she learns more, Scarpetta is compelled to conclude that this is the only the beginning of a terrying terrain of conspiracy on an international scale. And she is the only one who can stop it... (Taken from Goodreads)

Thoughts:  Reading this series is a journey.  I started last year and fell in love with the first few, so I ordered the first 20 books in the series because the 21st book wasn't yet out in the edition that I wanted.  I decided that it would be a fun idea to read the first 20 books before the release of Dust in May 2014.  Needless to say that date has been and gone and I have just finished the 19th book.  

My reading of the series has slowed down considerably since the 12th book.  That one changed to third person narrative and from more than just Scarpetta's viewpoint.  That wasn't the only thing that changed however, the characters just changed and the majority of the bad guys have been enemies of Scarpetta and everything revolves around Scarpetta which I just find to be so ridiculous.  Now, from book 18 we've switched back to first person perspective from Scarpetta's view only.  I have to say that I did find the first 3/4 of the 18th book to be enjoyable but then I realised that Scarpetta didn't actually do anything much.

One thing I have come to realise reading the last few books in the series is what the hell has happened to Kay?  I remember the days where she used to examine the bodies both in the scenes where they are found and in the lab where she could examine people deeper.  I loved the explanations of the process and some of the deeper science behind some of these things. There is none of that now.  The last couple of books have just been Kay looking at other people's work. 
In Red Mist she looks at one victim when she finds them but other than that I swear she just sits around talking and reading other people's work.  There was even one point where I got a little bit annoyed because she started commenting to Marino about possible things happening and he's supposed to be the detective not her.

I thought the murders in Red Mist were very interesting and mysterious.  I liked that they were different to the usual murders in the series but I found it odd that it took a really long time to actually get to anybody being murdered.

I feel so conflicted about these books.  The murder mysteries are intriguing and I enjoy reading those parts for the most part.  I just hate that I have to swim through a ton of junk about how paranoid Scarpetta is and how everyone either worships her or hates her and wants to destroy her.  Everyone has secrets and Scarpetta can't really trust anyone.  Honestly, I just want to go back to the days where Scarpetta actually did her job and not everything revolved around her.

How keen am I to read the next book?  Well, I'm thinking I'll read it next month and basically it will depend on how I feel about The Bone Bed as to whether or not I will carry on with the series or I will just leave it.

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