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The Last Precinct by Patricia Cornwell

Title: The Last Precinct

Author: Patricia Cornwell

Published: Sphere, 2000

Pages: 544

Series: Book 11, Kay Scarpetta

Summary: May contain spoilers! Physically and psychologically bruised by her encounter with the killer Chandonne, Dr Kay Scarpetta has to leave her home in the hands of the police team investigating the attack. She finds shelter with an old friend, Anna Zenner, but it is not the haven of security she needs when she discovers that Anna has been sub-poenaed to appear before a Grand Jury which is investigating Scarpetta for murder. Kay knows she is being framed and she also knows she can trust no-one. Meanwhile it appears that Chandonne killed a woman in New York before his murderous spree in Virginia, but when Scarpetta looks more closely into that case with the NY prosectuor Jaime Berger, proof of his guilt is far from certain - in fact she begins to believe that he may not be the perpetrator of any of the crimes he is accused of. As she follows the forensic trail to the real killer she gradually realises that someone has been spinning a web for years with the aim of entrapping her. (Taken from Goodreads)

Thoughts: The Last Precinct starts off straight after the events of Black Notice and from there takes off into this intense story which I found to be interesting and for the most part enjoyable.

There were a few points in this book where I felt like things were getting a little slow, this was especially true around the start of the book but I felt like things picked up about halfway through the book and from there I was hooked.  There is a mysterious element which drew me in and kept me reading until the end.

I felt like Kay’s behaviour was a little better than last time which made the book a bit more bearable.  Though I did find some of the things that were happening to her to be a little strange.  Like, there was this one huge thing going on in her life except that the way that it was treated made it seem like it was nothing even though it was huge.

I definitely found The Last Precinct to be quite interesting and the way that some of the events turned out was quite surprising but still very interesting.  I’m definitely interested in picking up the next book in the series soon though as I am intrigued by the direction that it will take.

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