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Cause of Death by Patricia Cornwell

Title: Cause of Death

Author: Patricia Cornwell

Published: Sphere, 2010 (first published 1996)

Series: Book 7, Kay Scarpetta

Pages: 372

Summary: An investigative reporter is found dead in Virginia's icy waters...

New Year's Eve and the final murder scene of Virginia's bloodiest year takes Scarpetta thirty feet below the Elizabeth River's icy surface. A diver, Ted Eddings, is dead, an investigative reporter who was a favourite at the medical examiner's office. Was Eddings probing the frigid depths of the Inactive Shipyard for a story, or simply diving for sunken trinkets? And why did Scarpetta receive a phone call from someone reporting the death before the police were notified?
The case envelops Scarpetta, her niece Lucy, and police captain Pete Marino in a world where both cutting-edge technology and old-fashioned detective work are critical offensive weapons. Together they follow the trail of death to a well of violence as dark and forbidding as the water that swirled over Ted Eddings.  (Taken from Goodreads)

Thoughts: I would have thought that reaching the seventh book in the series I would be starting to get a little bored with the Kay Scarpetta series but I have to say that I am still happily reading through the series.  I quite enjoyed Cause of Death.

One thing that surprised me was that this book started off like the others in the series; there’s a mysterious death in which Kay Scarpetta begins to investigate, some strange things start happening and then all of a sudden there are terrorists and it just really took a turn that I was not expecting.

I’m not sure if I missed a couple of things or not but I felt as though the ending was really abrupt and it left a couple of loose ends which weren’t explained, I felt as though there were a few important connections missing that kind of annoyed me.

Now, I am not one to put down coincidences but I have to say that after book 7 in the series I find it a little hard to swallow that once again Kay Scarpetta falls into solving part of the mystery thanks to an amazing coincidence.  I was also a little disappointed that there wasn’t as much lab work as in the previous books.

I did enjoy the mystery in this book; I got sucked into the beginning of the book because I was really curious as to how things would tie in together.  The beginning was so mysterious and it had this creepy element to it that I really loved.

While I don’t feel this is the strongest book in the series I am hoping that the series will get better as I have read the premise for the next book and it sounds amazing.

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