Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sometimes I have a lot to say about a book I’ve just finished…

… and other times I have barely anything to say.

Sometimes I will find myself finishing a book and there will be things that I want to talk about because I absolutely loved those books and there were certain aspects of the book that I thought were definitely worth mentioning.

Then there are other times where I just feel like the book is alright, I enjoyed it for what it was but there was nothing that made me want to sit down and share my thoughts with the book.

When a book has aspects that I really don’t like then I find myself just wanting to vent about the things that bothered me and why it annoyed me.  I can often find myself writing a huge paragraph about a single aspect of a story that affected me in some way.

And then there are the books that while they had aspects that bothered me, I just had absolutely nothing to complain about or get worked up about.  The bothers were almost forgotten by the time I put down the book.

So if my thoughts on a book seem small and don’t say too much, it’s most likely that I just don’t have a lot to say about the book because it was pleasant but not amazingly so.


  1. I completely understand! When I've read a book that just made me mad in every possible way I can write two pages worth of what was wrong with it and explain why it got me so worked up. But when I come by a book I absolutely loved words completely fail. I find myself wondering why that is. My brain seems to work backwards sometimes. c[=

    Andy @ Owl Always Be Reading

  2. I understand, I think it is that we don't want to say to much even if it isn't a spoiler.

    The vent during a review I think it brilliant.

    The so so books are getting harder for me to review also though.


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