Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The TBR Plan

I know that a lot of people tend to do monthly tbr plans and list the books that they would like to read for the month.  I have done this before myself but stopped a while ago after I found myself making really long lists and not getting very many of the books read.

Lately I’ve been thinking about whether or not this has some benefit to it.

On the one hand I can see it can be a good idea as you can have a general goal and it gives you books to look forward to reading for the month.  It’s always exciting seeing which books to read next.

It also allows you to make a list which is one thing that I absolutely love doing.

However, I feel like making a list of books to read for the month could end up making one feel like they have to finish those books and just fly through the books they’re reading without stopping to enjoy your current read.

This year I told myself that I wouldn’t concern myself with the number of books that I read, I wouldn’t set a goal for how many books I want to read as it would make me try to fly through books so I could get the right amount of books read for the year.  Last year I aimed to read 200 books and while I achieved my goal it was a little rough going.

So far this year I have read 37 books and am just reading whatever book I feel like reading without trying to force myself to aim for a specific goal and it seems to be working.  I’m really excited every time I pick up a new book to read.

Now I just need to focus on reducing my tbr pile and not buying more books than what I read in a month.

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  1. I see all these people making lists of what they are going to read the next month, and while that may work for them, I can't do that. Even when I try, I end up reading whatever I want and don't follow my list anyway. So I don't make many plans and read whatever I want to, when I want to because that works for me. And I'm glad you figured out what works best for you. It's good to focus on what you are reading, rather than how much you are reading.


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