Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Changes: Coming to terms with the idea that I obviously do change and that sometimes the squidgy scenes aren’t really that creepy

As I’m getting older I always thought I would be interested in the same things all the time and that included the books that I like to read.

When I first started blogging I was really into the YA genre and read a few adult books here and there such as The Robert Langdon books and Tom Clancy’s Net Force series.  That being said, after blogging for a while almost everything I read was YA of some description.

Then I read a book that was a YA novel and I just felt drained reading it, I thought it was probably just that book in particular but I noticed that a lot of the YA books I had been reading were starting to feel draining and some of the things I loved about them were being cast aside and the things I didn’t like were coming out in full force.

So I decided to try my hand at some of the adult books I had seen around and I absolutely loved them.  They didn’t have the teenage angst or the awkward romances but didn’t really have characters my age.  Let me tell you, it is incredibly hard to find books about characters aged 20-24 so a lot of the time I find it hard to relate to YA or Adult books.  Thankfully there seems to be a few more books coming out with characters that age which I am all for.  (As an aside I am not so keen on them being called New Adult but that is a post for another day.)

For a long time I didn’t read adult books because I am a huge prude and THOSE types of scenes are in adult books and that really put me off.  It sort of made me feel uncomfortable reading about sex; but then I realised that only I know that I’m reading those scenes and they actually aren’t that embarrassing or weird.  Most authors tend to write them rather tastefully.  In fact, I don’t squirm away from those scenes in adult books anymore, (Hello I have read the first six books in the Night Huntress series and the two spin-off books) but I find it weird in YA because they’re teenagers and it’s awkward and I just feel really squidgy reading those scenes in YA now.

So my point is that I have now been reading more adult books because I have grown up a bit more and while I still enjoy YA and MG and even the odd children’s book, my tastes are changing.

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