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Geek Girl by Holly Smale

Title: Geek Girl

Author: Holly Smale

Published: HarperCollins Children's Books, February 2013

Pages: 378

Summary: Harriet Manners knows a lot of things. 

She knows that a cat has 32 muscles in each ear, a "jiffy" lasts 1/100th of a second, and the average person laughs 15 times per day. What she isn't quite so sure about is why nobody at school seems to like her very much. So when she's spotted by a top model agent, Harriet grabs the chance to reinvent herself. Even if it means stealing her Best Friend's dream, incurring the wrath of her arch enemy Alexa, and repeatedly humiliating herself in front of the impossibly handsome supermodel Nick. Even if it means lying to the people she loves. 

As Harriet veers from one couture disaster to the next with the help of her overly enthusiastic father and her uber-geeky stalker, Toby, she begins to realise that the world of fashion doesn't seem to like her any more than the real world did. 
And as her old life starts to fall apart, the question is: will Harriet be able to transform herself before she ruins everything?  (Taken from Goodreads)

Thoughts: I thought that Geek Girl sounded like it could be quite a funny read and after seeing a couple of really good reviews for Geek Girl I thought I would give it a go.

Needless to say, I did quite enjoy Geek Girl but I didn't laugh as much as I thought I would.  I did laugh here and there at a few things but I also felt like Geek Girl had a few sad moments too.

Harriet is a pretty likeable character although at times I felt like grabbing her and telling her that she's going about everything all wrong.  I really liked Annabel too and I thought it was really awesome that for once a step mother is not a horrible person in literature.  I'm sure there are a few more out there but I couldn't tell you any off the top of my head.  I have to say though, Nat was an awesome best friend and I thought it was cool how, even though Harriet and Nat were completely different people they still got along really well.

The story line was quite interesting and I was surprised by how quickly things got resolved.  It kind of made me feel like the end was missing things.  I did find out, however, there is currently a sequel being written which is good because hopefully then I will get my fulfilment with how fast the ending showed up.

Overall, I enjoyed reading Geek Girl.  I didn't think it was overly amazing but I thought it was a nice fun read that kept me entertained at night time.

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