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Precinct 13 by Tate Hallaway

Title: Precinct 13

Author: Tate Hallaway

Published: Berkely Trade, 2012

Pages: 308

Summary: Recent college grad Alex Conner is thrilled to have landed a job as the Hughes County coroner/medical examiner in Pierre, South Dakota. But when her first day on the job ends with a missing corpse, Alex starts to wonder if she would have been better off collecting unemployment...

When the cops made some cryptic comments about being careful with the body they brought in, Alex just thought the boys in blue were messing with her. That is, until something freaky happens that no amount of med school could have prepared her for. By the time Alex gets herself together, the body has disappeared and the other residents of the morgue start talking her ear off.
After working up the courage to report the missing body, Alex is transferred to the mysterious Precinct 13 where she discovers that her new co-workers—including a cute technomage named Jack—are paranormals just like her. Now, Alex is being encouraged to use her ability to speak to the dead to solve crimes. And despite being in the middle of nowhere, Hughes County sure does have a lot of paranormal activity…  (Taken from Goodreads)

Thoughts: I am really loving urban fantasy at the moment and Precinct 13 was really good in satisfying my hunger for more urban fantasy.

I really liked the world in this book, it was our world but there were people who didn’t believe in magic and others who didn’t.  Tate introduced a theory that could possibly explain how the magic works in that world and I thought that was quite interesting. 

I really liked Alex, I thought she was pretty cool.  I liked her friends/co-workers in the book too.  Jack, Valentine, Devon and Stone all hold a special place in my heart because they are all just so awesome!  I have to say that the mystery surrounding Valentine had me really intrigued for quite a while too.

The mystery in the book was very interesting because like Alex, I really wanted to know what on earth was going on and I found it interesting the way that things were handled.  I found the mystery of this one to be different to other mysteries as you kind of already knew who the bad guy was you just didn't know where to find him or how any bizarre events fit together.

It saddens me that there will be no more books in the series as I really enjoyed Precinct 13 and thought it was a great start to a promising series.  Either way, the book works well as a stand-alone as well so I strongly recommend this one!

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