Monday, March 25, 2013

Iron Angel by Alan Campell

Title: Iron Angel

Author: Alan Campbell

Published: Tor Books, 2008

Pages: 500

Series: Book 2, Deepgate Codex

Thoughts: Order has collapsed in Deepgate. The chained city is now in ruins, and the Deadsands beyond are full of fleeing refugees. Meanwhile, the Spine militia is trying to halt the exodus of panicking citizens through brutal force. Rachel and the young angel Dill are dragged off to the Temple torture chambers . . . but strange things start to happen as a foul red mist rises from the abyss beneath the city. For the god Ulcis's death has left the gates to Hell unguarded, and certain forces in the fathomless darkness beneath Deepgate have noticed an opportunity.

Only the offspring of the dread goddess Ayen understand this new danger. Already, Cospinol, god of brine and fog, is coming to save his brother's temple -- and to hunt down Ulcis's murderers. His foul, fog-wreathed skyship has already reached Sandport, bringing along its own version of hell.
By now, Rachel just wants to keep her companion alive. Escaping their prison, and with enemies closing in on all sides, she is forced to undertake a perilous journey across the Deadsands towards the distant land of Pandemeria. But there the battlefield at Coreollis is fated to witness a clash of powers -- a contest between men and gods and archons and slaves, all forced into desperate alliances.  (Taken from Goodreads)

Thoughts: After reading the first book in the series last year I was definitely interested in reading the second book in the Deepgate Codex.  While I did enjoy Iron Angel I didn’t think it was on the same level as its predecessor Scar Night.

The story line more or less picks up after the events of Scar Night and adds in a few more characters that I found to be quite interesting.  When thinking about what actually happened in the book I feel like there was a lot going on but at the same time not a lot actually happened.  There was so much going on and I felt that the end goal was a little disappointing.

Once again both Dill and Rachel are featured within the book but I felt as though we didn’t get a lot of time with them.  I am curious about Mina Greene though as she does definitely sound like an intriguing character.
I really enjoy the world building and the descriptions that Alan Campbell gives within the book.  It’s so unique and different to other books that I have read that I’m really curious to know more about the world and its dynamic and that sort of thing.

It’s sort of hard to write down what I thought of Iron Angel because in general, I thought it was an entertaining read but I’m still a little bit lost with the plot.  I just feel like Alan Campbell tried to cram a lot of new story into the book and it didn’t do it any favours.  I also feel like I may have missed something somewhere as I feel like the plot had a hole or two in it.  I will however, continue on reading the series and I look forward to picking up God of Clocks in the near future.

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