Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ways to Find New Books to Read

After some discussion, some friends of mine and I decided that it can be quite an arduous task to find new books to read and so I have made this little list of ways that I find new books to read.

Publishers Websites: Finding imprints you like and searching through the website for similar titles.  I know that I had recently been enjoying books by the Harlequin MIRA imprint and have discovered a trove of new series to read just from looking into more books from this imprint.

The back pages of other books you love:  Sometimes when you read a book there will be advertisements in the back for similar book suggestions and these give a synopsis for the book.  Sometimes there are some pretty good suggestions there; I know I picked up a few books from that.

Book blogs:  Book blogs of course, are a way of finding new books to read.  Find some book bloggers who share your taste or opinions in books and you may find that they have read some books you haven’t that you might actually enjoy.

Scouring the library shelves:  Sometimes you might find a spine or cover that catches your eye and it makes you pick up the book.

Friends:  Friends can often have some really good book recommendations; they may even let you borrow some of their books to read ;)

Author love:  Reading a book by a random author but then falling in love with their writing which encourages you to read more of their books.  Some examples for me: Kate Ellison and David Almond

Goodreads: There are so many books on goodreads!!  Sometimes when I look up a book I love, there are little suggestions on the side or lists that include that book and you can just sort of get swept into this huge maze of finding awesome books to read.

So, those are the ways in which I find new books.  What about you, do you have any other ways of finding new books?

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