Wednesday, January 16, 2013

To Mooch or not to Mooch?

So, there is a website called book mooch, you may or not have heard of it, in which anyone anywhere in the world can mail out books to others and request books from some others.  I was a part of it for a couple of weeks a few years ago.  Basically, what happened was that I had a bad experience with it so I shut down my account.  I had a bad experience with both a giving of a book and a receiving of a book.

However, that was about two years ago now and I’ve been looking at the books on there and there are a few books that I’m not able to buy anymore and they tend to pop up there from time to time.  So I’m doing some investigating into whether or not it is worth looking into.

So here is my question for anyone reading this post.

Do you use bookmooch?  Do you find it to be a good and reliable service?  Let me know because I’m still considering whether or not to use it.

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