Saturday, January 12, 2013

Scarlett on Saturday

I'm back!! I have been away for a really long time because my reading tastes have changed quite a lot and I wasn't so sure if I wanted to continue blogging because the books I've been reading I felt like they didn't really fit with the blog but then Rebecca was like well you know this blog is really just a blog about books...
So here I am.

Every Saturday I'll be posting something whether it be a book review or something else related to books and most of the books I've been reading lately have been adult romances and I'll be trying my hand at reading a netgalley book so let's hope that I actually like it.  Today I just thought I'd do a little update post and then next week I'll start my review posting and hopefully you guys like them :D

My 2013 Reading Goals:
1. Read at least 52 books this year.  That's one a week and maybe just maybe I might be able to pull that one off so that I can actually write you guys some reviews.
2. Give books more of a chance.  Most of the time I write off books so fast it's not funny but this time I want to be a little more forgiving with books.
3. To have fun reading.  Reading can be totally fun especially when I can blog about the books I read and say exactly what I thought of them.

What are your reading goals for 2013?

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