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Saturdays with Scarlett: The Harlot

Title: The Harlot

Author: Saskia Walker

Published: January 2013, Harlequin HQN

Pages: 336

Series: Book 1, Taskill Witches

Summary: It is a dark era, and a lusty lass will do what she must to survive. Even if it means bartering flesh for a palmful of coins….

Forced to watch her mother burn at the stake as a witch, Jessie Taskill was separated from her siblings in the aftermath. Jessie is similarly gifted, ripe with a powerful magic that must stay hidden. When she's accused by a rival of witchcraft, Jessie finds herself behind prison walls, awaiting certain death with a roguish priest unlike any man of the cloth she has known.In reality, Gregor Ramsay is as far from holy as the devil himself, but his promise of freedom in return for her services may be her salvation. Locked into a dubious agreement, Jessie resents his plan to have her seduce and ruin his lifelong enemy. Especially when Gregor's lust for her is so compelling. She may agree to be his pawn …even as she plots to use him just as he is using her.  (Taken from Goodreads)

Thoughts:  Saskia Walker has such a way with words.  Her erotic prose is so tangible that I seriously needed a large jug of water to cool off reading this one.

This was my first time reading an erotic novel and I have to say that if there are any more like this then sign me up to be reading them all the time.  For a long time I had been a little apprehensive at trying erotic romance but I had been reading romances that had sex scenes so I figured this wouldn't be much of a leap and it wasn't really.  All of the sex scenes were steamy but tasteful and I really found them to be quite enjoyable to read.

There is a storyline which is interesting but is kind of weak but let's face it, you really aren't going to be reading this one for the story line alone.  Nope, not exactly.

I really loved The Harlot and I actually handed the book over to my husband to read when I was done!  If you're a fan of erotic fiction or even just looking for somewhere to start then I would definitely suggest The Harlot because it is really well written and just plain awesome.

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  1. Thanks for the honest review - I think I'll stick to cozy mysteries though.


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