Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My TBR Combat Plan

So, I see a lot of people around the blogosphere putting themselves on book buying bans to help them with getting down their tbr piles.

At one point I was one of those people and so to try and combat my tbr pile I would buy a book every time I had read 5 books.  However, I want to build up a collection of books but I also want to shrink my tbr pile.  It seems like a huge dilemma but I have come up with a couple of ways to combat the tbr pile.

1. Buy books that I have already read.  Back when I didn’t have the money to buy a book a week I would use the library a lot and so I want to buy some of the books that I have already read from the library.  Not only that but if I like a book I read on NetGalley I buy a finished copy too.

2. Pre-order some books.  There are heaps of 2013 new releases that look absolutely amazing and I want to get my hands on so many of them.  I have started pre-ordering books I want to read from the book depository which is awesome because by the time they arrive I should have already read at least some of my own books and they’re cheaper if you pre order.

As far as the reading aspect goes, I am not going to be accepting very many books for review until I get through the ones I have.  I’m going to make exceptions for authors who I have reviewed books for before.
I’m also not going to be participating in any more blog tours for a while.

I’m also going to choose what book I want to read next myself without feeling like I have to put other books ahead because they’re review books or because they expire soon.  I’ve read through all of the netgalley books that I had to read and now I am taking a little time out from netgalley too.  Surprisingly enough, this has been easier to do than I thought it would be.  I go on netgalley every day to see what books are coming out and I haven’t requested one for well over a month.  This is because I know that I’ll be pre-ordering any I deem readable so that I can read them at my own leisure.

So anyway, that’s my tbr combat plan and I’m really hoping to reduce my tbr pile by doing this.  Of course the main thing to do to tackle the tbr pile is to actually do some reading.

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