Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Supernaturally Kissed by Stacey Kennedy

Title: Supernaturally Kissed

Author: Stacey Kennedy

Published: Ellora's Cave; January, 2012

Pages: 250

Series: Book 1, Frostbite

Summary: Ghosts harass and annoy Tess to save their souls. Sometimes she helps them. Other times she ignores them. But one ghost will give her no choice. Kipp, a former cop with the Memphis Police Department, will stop at nothing to gain her help, including using his ghostly charms to seduce her. 

Tess must help solve the five-year-old cold case of Hannah Reid’s disappearance, because solving the case will save Kipp. But a bigger problem presents itself. Tess is falling in love with a ghost. Now she must decide. Keep Kipp forever, or find the killer. (Taken from Goodreads)

Thoughts: The cover of this book kind of made me really nervous to read this book for a really long time but thanks to the lovely invention known as ereaders I no longer need to worry about people seeing covers like that and wondering what the heck I am reading. Except if I’m reading a paperback, then I just hide the cover as much as I can.

That being said, the main reason I picked up this book is because I love mysteries and well this sounded really good.

I got a lot more laughs out of Supernaturally Kissed than I had expected. Kipp and Tess’ interactions just had me laughing quite a bit at times it was really awesome.

The characters were interesting. I loved both Tess and Kipp but I thought Caley to be the most annoying person ever. Zach was pretty cool too. It was just Caley that annoyed me so much, she’s so bossy and I really don’t like bossy people.

If you’re a bit squeamish when it comes to bedroom scenes then you might not want to read this one because there are a couple of scenes that are more adult but not as many as you’d think given the cover. They’re fairly tasteful though and I managed to read through them without getting really embarrassed and uncomfortable.

My only complaint is that there were some editing mistakes such as words being used that don’t quite match up with the sentence. It wasn’t completely awful it was just scattered in random spots here and there and barely detracted from the story I just happened to notice them.

Overall, I really enjoyed Supernaturally Kissed, it was funny and an awesome mystery. I’m definitely keen to read the next book in the series as I am so curious to see what happens next. I’m also glad to see that the sequel has a chick with more clothes on, on the cover.

Source: Own Copy

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