Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Jezebel's Article by Kayden McLeod

Title: Jezebel's Article

Author: Kayden McLeod

Published: Eternal Press/Damnation Books LLC, 2010

Pages: 47

Summary: Jezebel has a new job writing a sex column for a small specialty interest paper in Vancouver, British Columbia, and attends a very specialized party--a sex party, in fact, where she meets two of the most tempting men she could've ever imagined. And to make it that much more tempting, they are vampires, one curiosity Jezebel can't shed. Adrian and Doros watch her with growing desire, craving to take a knowing human, from who they didn't have to cut their true selves off from. One they could play with to their heart's content. The moment they meet Jezebel, it's already over. There's no contest, and now only one question remains: Will she want them, as much as they want her?  (Taken from Goodreads)

Thoughts: I wanted something a little different to read and I got something a lot different.  Jezebel’s Article has a tiny little storyline but the ideas behind the story sound really intriguing.

Jezebel’s Article is only 51 pages and while yes I understand the whole point of the story is for the sex the back story surrounding Jezebel and her family intrigued me too.  I’m quite curious about that.

So the book is classed as an erotic novella and the scenes are quite steamy however, they are in no way crass.

Overall, I felt that Jezebel’s Article was well written and my only wish was that it was longer as I would be interested in more of the backstory of the characters.


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