Tuesday, May 29, 2012

In Which We Make Our Return

After taking a month off we have returned.  It was nice to not be blogging for a while.  I feel that sometimes it’s good to take some time out because otherwise you start to get burnt out.  We took this time to just sit back and think about the blog, blogging in general, and reading.

I know that for me it was a good time to take a break from blogging as I was in a book reading slump during May.  I just didn’t really feel like reading for the majority of May and it sucked majorly.  I just reached this point where I didn’t really know what to read next and I didn’t know what I felt like reading.

That being said, we’ve come back to blogging with some new ideas about the blog.

The first one of these is that we have been a YA majority blog with some adult books thrown in here and there.  Now that our reading tastes have changed I have to say that while we will still be reading and reviewing YA books, I’m going to be reading and reviewing a lot more adult books.

Scarlett will not be reviewing books by herself anymore.  We have a lot of fun doing the joint reviews together and she manages to find things to say when the review is more like a discussion about the book but if it’s just her reviewing the book she doesn’t find it to be easy to put into words.  Scarlett will however, be running the contests and any author related interactions i.e interviews or guest posts as she has a lot of fun doing that.

The third change is that we will be accepting a very limited number of books for review.  We’ve updated our review policy and made it more applicable to us.

That’s pretty much it I think, except that I’m going to be writing more of these sorts of personal posts because I’ve really been enjoying writing things like this lately.


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