Monday, April 2, 2012

Guest Post with T. P. Boje

The difference between writing mystery and fantasy. 

The first book I ever wrote was in Danish. It was called  “The Czech Connection”. It was a thriller and a kind of a wild one. I got the idea from an assignment that I was on as a journalist. I worked for a Danish TV-station as a reporter when the body of a Danish truck-driver was found in a bush in Poland. I was sent there to do the story and while I was there I thought: This could be a great novel! I didn’t think much of it when I got back, but the story kind of kept growing inside of me. A year later I was fired because of cut-backs and suddenly I had all the time in the world. My husband told me to follow my dream, so I did. I wrote the story in three month and send it to a publisher. After two years (yes there was a lot of editing to do) it was published by one of the big publishing houses in Denmark. So now I was a writer. I had written a thriller. And it wasn’t an ordinary mystery/thriller novel. Because I have this crazy imagination it was really eventful and very different from any other mystery-novel out there. And the critics called it “cartoonish”. So my editor told me to try and control my crazy imagination a bit, because mystery-novels were all about being believable. It had to be realistic.
So I wrote another one that was very much like all the others that are written. The sales went well and it was even sold to other countries. So I wrote a third one just like it. All in all they were (and still are) doing fine and the publishers were happy. But inside of me something was missing. Because I have to write these realistic and believable books, I do not get to use my huge imagination. The wild and crazy side to me wants to get out as well. I have all these characters in my head that needs to get out and go on adventures. So this spring I decided to let them out. I began writing in English (I moved to Florida two years ago) and self-published my first book in April. I started out safe. I began with another mystery-novel called “One, Two … He is coming for you”, but I still wasn’t satisfied. So I took another step. I wrote a fantasy-novel. It was something I had always dreamed about, but somehow I thought that wasn’t for me, or that I couldn’t. The result was “The Eye of the Crystal Ball” which is a story about Sara, a young gypsy-girl who goes on a great adventure to find a cure for her brother who is sick with a strange illness. And now I got to use some of all my crazy imagination that I have always had inside of me since I was a child and told stories to all of my friends in school. Finally I felt complete. Now I didn’t have to control my imagination. It came out of me like a bird that had been trapped in a cage for years and suddenly gets to fly away. I stumbled a little in the beginning but once I got the hang of it, I was airborne!
So the differences between writing a mystery and a fantasy novel? You don’t have to be realistic, you don’t have to do research, you can create your own world and make people visit it, instead of describing a world they already know.
And I am loving it!
I have just finished another fantasy-novel and will put it up for sale soon. It is called “The Academy” and is about a 16-year old girl that dies and wakes up on a steamboat on her way to a school that she has to graduate from in order to get into Heaven. On the school she finds a mirror in the cellar. She goes through it and ends up back on earth where she meets Jason, and soon she will have to choose between the two worlds.
It is more of a paranormal romance actually, but it was really fun to write and next week I will begin the sequel.
Will I ever write another mystery-novel again? Well, maybe. It is hard to say never, and I know my publisher in Denmark really wants one. But for now I am having fun writing exactly what I want.


T. P. Boje is a mother of two, a stepmother of another two and a hardcore cartoon lover, Tim Burton enthusiast, and enjoys any movie the Coen Brothers have made (with the big Lebowski being her favorite strongly followed by Burn after Reading). She is also a Y/A fantasy and mystery-writer. She is originally from Denmark but currently living in Florida, USA. Her books are translated into several languages.
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