Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Guest Post with Lynn Seresin

The Inspiration and Ideas behind Friendly Fire

FRIENDLY FIRE picks up about a year after THIN AIR leaves off. As the book opens, Alice
and Daniel have endured the stress of living with constant danger throughout their first year as
a couple. Transmuted assassins dispatched by Paralda, the king of the airy region, are on a killing
spree, targeting girls that physically resemble Alice in the hopes of eventually destroying her,
thereby completing their mission. Alice has no idea how many killers are pursuing her. She only
knows they will not stop until they are certain she is dead.

I was particularly interested in exploring the effect this situation would have on Alice’s
and Daniel’s relationship. In THIN AIR, they are portrayed as the perfect couple—hopelessly
in love, and unable to keep their hands off each other. In short, they’re in the “honeymoon”
phase of couplehood. As for the dangers they face, they regard these more as a test of their true
devotion than a potentially lethal threat. A test they’re certain they’ll pass with flying colors.

But all honeymoons must come to an end, even seemingly perfect ones like Alice’s and

Fortunately, I’ve never had to live my life looking over my shoulder (and I sincerely hope
you never have to, either). But I’d imagine the continual anxiety of living with real danger could
have a corrosive effect on even the most robust relationship. It would be only human for Daniel
to occasionally resent Alice for bringing so much baggage to the table. After all, if it wasn’t for
her, he’d be living a normal, wonderfully uneventful life. I could also see Alice feeling a bit stifled
at times by Daniel’s protectiveness. No longer perfect in each other’s eyes, each might begin to
detect flaws in the other’s personality. Daniel starts to perceive Alice as being needlessly na├»ve
and impressionable. Alice, in turn, begins to view Daniel as controlling and rigid. There’s trouble
in paradise…

Enter Terrance and Ash, two strangers who intrude on Alice’s and Daniel’s already-
strained union. Ash is needy, self-destructive, and prone to dramatic gestures. Oh, and she’s
totally fixated on Alice. Terrance is handsome, charming, innately sophisticated, attentive—and
totally fixated on Alice, too. Poor Alice feels drawn to both of these individuals because they are transmuted elementals like she is. She also feels a misplaced sense of responsibility for each of them, even though the choices they made were entirely their own. It’s no wonder Daniel feels
excluded and, at times, even exploited as Alice struggles to accommodate the sizeable demands on her attention. And the result is…well, I’ll let you read the book for yourself to find out!

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