Monday, April 9, 2012

Guest Post with E. A. Rigg

I’m starting a twitter feed with expressions you should listen to but never do until it’s too late. 


Today’s  @Toldja’s tweet:‘Manage Your Expectations.’

I’m generally a scofflaw when it comes to reading the book of the moment.  I have a day job, I write when I’m not working, and I just got married. Most pressingly, the coffee shop where I go to write has celebrity tabloid magazines you get to read for free. Any rate it’s only in the past few months that I’ve caught up on the hot YA titles from the past few year.  And of course The Hunger Games trilogy wasat the top of my list.  

I finished it ravenously and then waited for the movie, excited not only to see it but also because for once I was in sync with the popculture calendar.  I had consumed everyword of the trilogy before movie one even came out.

My husband made a stubborn point of not reading the Hunger Games books.  I, in turn, took to teasing him about it.  My response when he said he didn’t take the trash out the other night?

 “No silver parachutesfor you tonight.” 

“Honey, I have not read The Hunger Games.”

“Then your name goes in again.”

Blame it on the cold I cannot shake or last week being onein which I had to sit down with the parents of all 165 of my students, whatever the reason, I was pumped to see The Hunger Games with the zeal of a child about to be let loose in Disneyland.

Breakfast conversation two days before movie day began with the following line:

“48 hours until the reaping. Have you laid out your Sunday finest?”

Needless to say, there was a great deal of, err, one-sided hype for this film in our household.  But the reviews were stellar and the trailer looked amazing.  I knew this movie would live up to its potential and that my husband, as well as the four friends we dragged along, would love it.  And that then my man would finally cede and read the books.

On movie night we got to the theater an hour early, staked out seats for our crew, bought popcorn and sat through twenty minutes of previews.  The film began.  And that was when life veered off from the carefully laid plan. 

I didn’t like the movie. Yes it was a faithful adaptation of the book.  But it felt slow in parts, namely the second act, which is traditionally when films gain speed.  It was almost as if the screenwriters were too accurate in adapting it.  For there’s a different beat system in movies than there is in books.  Reversals are meant to happen at a fairly prescribed set of intervals.  This does not happen in all movies, of course.  But when movies, especially action-adventures, veer off the figuratively and literally beaten path viewers notice it, even if it is in ways they don’t realize.  Did you look at your watch during The Hunger Games?  

My husband was nice enough not to say something afterwards along the lines of “Less interested in The Hunger Games than ever.”  He even did me the courtesy of asking what happens in books two and three.  I demurred at first but then, before I could bear to hear him add, “Because you know I won’t be reading them,” I broke down and told him. 

At any rate, sports fans, there ‘tis, my first edition of @Toldja.  Manage Your Expectations.  Or just take the high road and read the book.

Thanks a bunch!  Be sure to stick around for my review of Casey Barnes Eponymous by E. A. Rigg coming soon!

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