Thursday, April 19, 2012

Friendly Fire by Lynn Seresin

Title: Friendly Fire

Author: Lynn Seresin

Published: 2012

Pages: 341

Series: Book 2, Thin Air

Summary: Though their love remains strong, the pressure of constant danger has taken its toll on Alice and Daniel’s relationship. Paralda’s assassins continue their murder spree in New York City, targeting girls who resemble Alice in an effort to fulfill the air king’s deadly directive. As if life wasn’t complicated enough, the couple must also fiercely guard the secret of Alice’s emergent powers and true identity from everyone--including their closest friends--to protect her safety.

Enter Ash and Terrance: two former elementals, each with their own set of reasons for transmuting to the human plane. For Ash, the material realm represents freedom and the possibility of fulfilling a forbidden wish. Terrance has only one aim in the mortal world: to win Alice’s heart. And it seems he’ll stop at nothing to achieve his goal.  (Taken from Goodreads)

Thoughts: I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to read this book or not but I remembered how much I loved my favourite character Dante and so I decided to read this one.

It’s rather unfortunate to say but I didn’t particularly enjoy this one.  I struggled to finish the book and I’m kind of glad I was travelling on a bus all day because it meant I could force myself to read the book.  I finished it and I really wanted to like it, but I just couldn’t.

The story has this really unique and interesting concept and I think that’s great.  It’s about elementals who choose to become human and this isn’t something I’ve read a lot about so the idea seems to be really fresh and exciting.

However, the characters annoyed me in this.  Daniel acted like such a jerk and Alice was just a huge pushover.  Dante was hardly in it and he just didn’t feel the same in this one.  Then there is new character Terrance who just really irked me.

I also found it really hard to get into the story as well.  It was pages of not much happening and it just slowed the story right down.

Sadly, I just couldn’t get into this book.  Lately, I’ve been getting tired of novels with love triangles and bitchy girls who want to steal the main characters man.  I seem to have outgrown them and unfortunately for Friendly Fire it had both these things and I just couldn’t get into it and probably won’t pick up the next book in the series.


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