Monday, March 12, 2012

Guest Post with Amy Lignor

Today I am very thrilled to have a guest post from Amy Lignor, author of Until Next Time.

Why Angels Are Truly Great Characters!

I know this is not an opinion shared by all, but I have to say that I’m one who is a bit happy that the ‘winged ones’ are taking over the ‘fanged ones’ seat at the top. And no, before anyone gets upset, I’m not bashing vampires, but as a reviewer who reads over thirty books per month, I’m just a tad bit weary of the vampire realm.

Angels, I believe, are more fun - certainly for writers. Not only do vampires have very important characteristics that most all of them must share (or at least two really big ones), angels have the ability to be a little bit of everything. Angels can be among the fallen, tormented, mythical, defenders and executioners, wise mentors, skilled warriors - the list of what an angel can be and do is incredibly long, which offers fiction writers a big ‘vat’ that they can delve into to make that next angelic character into a household name.

Lauren Kate was the first who caught my eye. I have to say her Fallen series is really outstanding. Not to mention the Hush, Hush series deserves a big “shout-out!”

When it came to the angel/warrior team of Matt and Emily in Until Next Time, I really wanted to delve into that endless vat of characters and write about angels that did two separate jobs; were trained by the absolute elite; and, who were headed to this world with completely innocent eyes, unfettered hearts, and extremely stoked about their newfound freedom.

I always wondered what would happen to a purely ‘new, fresh’ angel who came here to simply do a job and do it well. The life experience, to them, would originally be something they’d look forward to. Having no background where human emotions were concerned, when they meet up against the ‘nightmarish’ word that humans live in, they have to seriously struggle to find a way to keep themselves in check and do the job they were assigned, without life destroying their faith or ripping them apart.

People believe in angels. Since the beginning of history angels have been a part of the human existence. Whereas other beings, like vamps, werewolves, zombies, etc., are more supernatural and mythical - angels are beings that most of the world readily accepts. No, I’m not talking religion, I’m simply talking about the ‘protectors’ or the souls we feel could very well be watching out for us, taking care of us, or leading us in whatever direction we may be headed into.

Although my series does touch upon the fact that Emily and Matt’s teachers are divine, I hope readers see the fact that this is very much a tale of two beings who became human for a reason, and are trying to get their questions answered. Of course, they can’t until they personally experience each and every one of these emotions.

The love story is very real, seeing as that they were actually born, bred and trained to be soul mate’s. So when that particular ‘link’ is tested, it’s interesting to see how they retain their faith in each other. Especially when another young man lurks on the horizon…

Until Next Time, Everybody.

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  1. Rebecca, thanks for hosting Amy today. We appreciate your support of the angels :)

  2. Rebecca, thank you for putting the angel/warrior team in the spotlight on this great site! I am truly humbled to be here! :)


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