Saturday, February 18, 2012

Now You See Her by Linda Howard

Title: Now You See Her

Author: Linda Howard

Published: Pocket Books, 2003

Pages: 362

Summary: Up-and-coming painter Paris Sweeney finds herself painting a vivid murder--based on a series of disturbing dreams. But when her friend Chandra is killed in a similar fashion, Paris and her lover become the prime suspects.  (Taken from Goodreads)

Thoughts: When I read the premise for Now You See Her I thought it sounded really good.  I really enjoyed the story and the mystery element but I did not particularly enjoy the main character.

I just had so many issues with Sweeney.  She’s so meek and childish in some ways that I don’t really like her.  It seemed like for most of the book she was either keeping to herself and avoiding people or hiding behind Richard.  Not to mention she just kept doing so many stupid things that I felt like pulling my hair out in frustration.

I can see why everyone wanted to kill Chandra.  It made Chandra a really awful person but at the same time the fact that so many people wanted her dead made the mystery a bit harder to figure out.

Overall, I thought that Now You See Her was an entertaining read but to me it was nothing amazing.  I felt like everything came so easily.  If you’re looking for a mystery with a paranormal twist, there are a lot that I would suggest before this one but I wouldn’t completely write this off as unreadable.

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