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Goldenhead: or Bodies and Avatars by Annalinde Matichei

Title: Goldenhead: or Bodies and Avatars

Author: Annalinde Matichei

Published: Sun Daughter Press, October 2011

Summary: They say your imaginary friends aren't your real friends.But who stands by you when you lose your physical body?
Did you have imaginary friends? Live in imaginary worlds? Were you sure they were really imaginary? Of course you weren't. Goldenhead crosses the barrier between the "real world" and the world they told her was just her "imagination". She meets the friends she dreamed, and finds that some of them thought they were dreaming her.
In an anime-style body in an all-girl world, she finds herself among a group of three loyal friends, each separated from her "real" body and each looking now like an anime schoolgirl.
They also discover that their new reality is threatened by a terrible evil, and that each of them has unique powers to help them fight that evil. They are launched on an adventure spanning multiple realities. An adventure that is sometimes terrifying, that brings them into contact with many kinds of being, from warrior-maids to sorcerous musicians to tree-spirits; and places from ancient villages to modern cities to ships of the sky.
But among all the things they discover, the most beautiful is a depth of love and friendship, of loyalty and kindness, that formerly they could only dream of. (Taken from Goodreads)

Thoughts: After reading Flight of the Silver Vixen by Annalinde Matichei I was excited to have the opportunity to read Goldenhead. Goldenhead was a really good read. I went into it not really sure what the book was about but as I read it I came to understand a bit more about what was going on.

Goldenhead is about a girl who lives in a normal world much like ours and then she steps into a world where everyone is manga type characters. I felt this was a really unique approach to a novel and I haven’t read anything like it before. It was really good though.

I liked Goldenhead, she was an awesome character. In fact, all of the characters were pretty neat and super refreshing. I would say my favourite would be Sarai. There’s more to her than meets the eye and she’s just awesome.

The story itself was great! I absolutely love science fiction and this book is a science fiction/fantasy crossover and I thought it was amazing. The idea of the anime/manga type world and the mothership was just really cool.

Fans of science fiction will not be disappointed with Goldenhead it is brilliant and Annalinde Matichei writes really well. I encourage you to check out Goldenhead.

Source: Sun Daughter Press for review

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