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Measure of Darkness by Chris Jordan

Title: Measure of Darkness

Author: Chris Jordan

Published: Mira, November 2011

Pages: 400


For the parents whose children have been taken, for the broken lives we piece back together one relentless investigation at a time, our town house is a sanctuary. 

My name is Alice Crane. I’m just one of a talented team working for Naomi Nantz, the brilliant and very private detective. 

Today that sanctuary was violated. The famous kid-finder Randall Shane was taken away by unknown assailants, possibly government agents. Shane’s client is dead, and a boy known as “the keyboard kid” is missing. What is the boy’s connection to a top secret physics lab? Unknown—for now. But under Naomi’s 
lead, we will infiltrate every illicit boardroom and bedroom and war room. We’ll find that little boy or die trying. 

The only thing guaranteed in this life is that Naomi Nantz won’t give up. Not now, not ever.  (Taken from Goodreads)

Thoughts: I have some mixed feelings about Measure of Darkness.  It had a really good mystery to it, but I wasn’t really a fan of the narrative.

The mystery aspect was really good.  There were some things that were fairly standard about it but then there were small details that just didn’t make much sense so I kept reading because I was curious as to how they fit into the overall picture.  There were also some bizarre events orchestrated by the bad guys and it just added this extra layer to the mystery that made it more interesting.

The one thing that really bothered me about the story was Alice’s narrative.  For a while I wasn’t sure what time period the book was set in due to the demeanour of some of the characters and how they spoke.
Especially Alice.  I had her pegged as either being from the 1930’s or really old.  Neither was the case.  It could just be me but I really felt that kind of detracted from the story a little bit, just that the characters didn’t act in a way I expected them too and while this might be refreshing for some people it just wasn’t something I could enjoy.

The ending wrapped things up quite nicely and I thought it was a pretty good ending.  As far as I could tell there were no huge holes in the mystery when it unravelled.  I did find a couple of characters changed certain details about themselves partway through the novel which was a little bit weird but apart from that, there weren’t any holes in the overarching story.

Overall, I thought the mystery of Measure of Darkness was pretty good, it just wasn’t something I absolutely loved.  The writing style wasn’t really my cup of tea but if you think it sounds really good, give it a go because it might be to your liking.

Source: NetGalley

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