Friday, December 9, 2011

Guest Post with Nancy Di Fabbio

 Today I have a guest post with Nancy Di Fabbio, author of Midnight Magic.

For the Love of Horses

You know those annoying people who talk incessantly about their kids, their cat, dog, last vacation, etc? I’m one of them, but in my case, it’s all about horses.  I’m pretty adept at insinuating this topic into any conversation even when I know my audience is sick of hearing how absolutely, positively, unbelievably adorable my horses are. Sorry; but just like any addict, I find it hard to curb my impulses.

Eventually, I couldn’t ignore the glaze clouding the eyes of even my dearest friends as I recounted the latest antics of my little Morgan. I realized that if I didn’t want to be banned from family gatherings or find my friends heading for the hills the second I appeared, I’d have to find another outlet for my obsession.  Luckily, I have horse friends—the best friends of all—who don’t ever get tired of talking about horses.

My non-horse-loving sons think “horse women are crazy” and I always vigorously challenged this perception until one of my horses had to go to the hospital. There, I discovered that perhaps there was a mote of truth in this sentiment. My trainer called me one evening to report that my horse, Beau, had stepped on something in turnout. Initially, there didn’t seem to be any damage to his hoof, but within two hours, it was burning hot and he was obviously in agony. The vet prescribed a trip to the equine hospital ASAP.

Of course I gave my consent and headed off to meet them there. When I rushed into the examining room, it seemed perfectly natural for the vet tech to ask,“Are you Beau’s mom?” (Boy, that would have been one memorable delivery!) It seemed equally sane and sensible to see visiting hours posted in the waiting room. I felt all warm and fuzzy knowing that my horse and I were in friendly, “crazy” hands.

Writers are told to “write what you know”, so it was perfectly natural for me to incorporate my love of horses into my work. Although I graduated with a degree in early childhood education, I never pursued a teaching career. However, I do enjoy sharing the life lessons I’ve learned. I wrote a comprehensive how-to for budding equestrians, entitled, Saddle Up! – And Live Your Dream, which is scheduled for release in Spring 2012. It’s a compilation of everything I’ve learned about riding, handling and caring for horses for over twenty years. I also write a children’s column about the exploits of my herd. Each of the “Tales from the NEIGH-borhood” shares a bit of information about horses, a horsey adventure, and a moral about friendship, trust, self-esteem, etc.

After spending 30 years designing and creating wedding gowns, I realized I had plenty of advice to share with the newest generation of brides-to-be. Taking a minor break from the horse theme, I wrote Quest for the Dress, to help women find their dream gown “without losing their sanity, friends or groom”. But as soon as that book was released in April 2010, I was back to work editing my first novel, Midnight Magic – Be Careful What You Wish For! Admittedly, this is my favorite project so far. I wanted to reach all those fellow horse-lovers I haven’t yet met—especially girls and adolescents who dream of having their own horse, just as I did. I added a bit of magic and mystery to this modern fairy tale, coupled with strong female role models, hoping to entertain and inspire my readers to pursue their own dreams and aspire to be all they can be.

Thanks so much Nancy!

About Midnight Magic:

Rummaging through her grandmother’s crowded attic, Mattie unearths a mesmerizing antique painting of the first Morgan horse ever bred. When a gorgeous, mysterious stallion appears at her grandmother’s pond for a twilight ride, Mattie can’t believe her luck. Intrigued by this wild horse, she sneaks out nightly for magical rides in Nancy DiFabbio’s mystifying novel MIDNIGHT MAGIC: Be Careful What You Wish For! (September 2011; iUniverse, $25.95). In the small town of Gull’s Nest, there has always been a whisper of something supernatural surrounding the women in Mattie’s family, making Mattie wonder if the meeting is pure coincidence.  Or has her constant wishing and praying for a horse awakened powers that may have brought the painting to life?
This modern-day fairytale follows the journey of an ordinary girl as she develops into a confidant equestrian.  Through her love of horses, Mattie embraces the elements of healthy living – eating right, exercise, and self-worth.  DiFabbio deftly juxtaposes this positive message with a hint of Mattie’s mystifying talents, offering entertainment as well as a relatable role model for young readers.

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