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Watching Grandma Circle the Drain by Allen Smith

Title: Watching Grandma Circle the Drain

Author: Allen Smith

Published: AuthorHouse, July 2011

Pages: 188

Summary: In his latest tour de force, Allen Smith takes on the challenges of life from his own gritty perspective. Everything from surviving on-line dating to enduring his first sigmoidoscopy and advancing age. Watching Grandma Circle the Drain is a collection of Smith's most entertaining work from his previously published columns. In addition to his own experience with struggling to learn Spanish and annihilating the game of golf, he gives the reader an inside look at some of the things they've never wondered about, like managing persistent telemarketers, what it's like to qualify as a sperm donor and some of the most unusual ways to make a living without a college degree. In part two, Smith takes aim at news stories by attacking issues like home schooling, women competing in the Tour de France, dozing air traffic controllers and the first person to marry (and divorce) himself. Watching Grandma Circle the Drain is a bite-sized, entertaining look at the way we complicate our lives. Once you read it, you'll never look at life the same way again. (Taken from Goodreads)

Thoughts: After laughing out loud just from reading the introduction I knew that Watching Grandma Circle the Drain was going to be hilarious.  I find that I enjoy non-fiction if it's humorous and luckily, Watching Grandma Circle the Drain is really funny.

The majority of the chapters were essays on personal observations and the author's experiences.  I found that they were really insightful as well as adding a comedy aspect.  The part after that was a collection of news articles that were made up by Allen Smith and they are very funny.

Some of my favourite chapters were the one about the instruction manual, that one had me laughing so much, and another favourite would be the article about the man who married himself.  Of course, there are so many really hilarious parts that it is hard to pick out just one or two.

If you're a fan of humour and you're looking for something that is light and comedic, you'd definitely enjoy this one.  I found it to be a good relaxing read, it just helps you to unwind after a long and tiring week.  Definitely check out Watching Grandma Circle the Drain.

Source: Allen Smith for review

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