Thursday, November 3, 2011

Blog Tour: Guest Post by Angela Kulig

So, earlier I posted up my review of Skeleton Lake by Angela Kulig, and now I have a guest post from Angela Kulig.  Without further ado I give you Angela:

Angela Kulig and the Serious Controversy

I am about to say something highly controversial. I feel like there should be some kind of warning, or disclaimer, or at the very least a link to my blog so you can roll your eyes and “get me” enough not to launch some sort of internet witch hunt against me on Twitter anyway…

Are you sitting down?

Are you willing to sign this release form?

Alright just kidding, hang on to your underwear.

Hollows are scarier than zombies.

There! I said it! And yes, I mean it! Sure Zombies have that whole rotting skin and desire of human flesh thing going on, but the Hollows goals are far more sinister. Trust me, I know which one I’d rather meet in the deep dark woods. I’d rather meet a zombie--any zombie--any lore.

There are slow zombies, and there are fast zombies. There are zombies that want brains, and zombies controlled by people with agendas. Oh no not AGENDAS! Zombies don’t think for themselves, plan for themselves, scheme for themselves. Mostly they want to eat you.

If only the Hollows wanted to eat you. Instead they want to abduct the main character of Skeleton Lake, her hot blond friend, and do things I won’t even haunt your imagination with in this guest blog. They are unapologetically evil. Evil! Zombies aren’t evil by the way, they are just zombies.

Just zombies!

Hollows are skeletons, just not the right sort of skeletons. They aren’t whole, and they are just as grotesque as any of your living dead, only they will smile and you and sneer at you, and only kill you if you’re lucky.

You won’t be lucky.

Thanks so much Angela!  Be sure to check out the Red Iris Books website and to get yourself a copy of Skeleton Lake by Angela Kulig.

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