Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Anti-Social Network by Sadie Hayes

Title: The Anti-Social Network

Author: Sadie Hayes

Published: Backlit Fiction, LLC, October 2011

Pages: 75

Series: Book 2, The Anti-Social Network

First Line: "Three months had passed since the first phone call and the threats were still coming."

Summary: The Dory twins grew up with nothing. Now on the verge of having everything, their fledgling company—built on Amelia’s intellect and Adam’s ambition—threatens to be torn apart by new, powerful enemies and old, malicious ones.  (Taken from Goodreads)

Thoughts: After lapping up the first instalment in the series I could not wait to get stuck into the Anti-Social Network.

The Anti-Social Network is shorter than The Start-Up but is even more addictive.  I flew through the pages of this one because there was just so much going on that kept me reading.

I find it so amazing that when one conflict gets resolved another one comes up and I find myself getting so deeply immersed in the story.  I love Adam and Amelia and I really want things to work out for them so badly.

Sadie Hayes has created one incredibly addicting series with the Start-Up and after the ending of the second instalment I am desperate to read the next one!

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