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Guest Post: Matt Xell on Jacobius Trent

A little while ago I read and reviewed Tower of Parlen Min by Matt Xell.  Well, today I have a guest post from Matt all about Jacobius Trent who is a character in Tower of Parlen Min.

About Jacobius Trent

Hi everyone! I'm Matt and thanks so much for reading this somthing-of-a-guestpost. Super-thanks to Rabecca for inviting me on her blog. And today I'd like to talk about Jacobius, one of the five characters on the cover of my book.

Jacobius Trent is the most renowned inventor of the late 20th and early 21st century and wealthiest man in the world of Everlon. In Tower of Parlen Min, Jacobius is described as a  38 year-old man, with a mess of jet-black hair and blue eyes. He dresses smartly at most times, in custom tailored and mostly black suites and coats. He is very charismatic and well-spoken, albiet a little ecsentric, somewhat arrogant, overly optimistic and naive.

He was born Jacobius Abanon Sidler of The House of Trent on Janua 16th 1968; the son of Jerar Trent and Sarah Banten III, and is the last of the 5 Trent heirs to reside in the Tower of Parlen Min, in The Opus Empra's country of Machus Ina. Jacobius inherited the Tower at the age of 16 when his father and mother, who were both archeologists and explorers, were killed when a Tomb they were excavating in Aegyt caved in.
Though Jacobius first studied as an artist and an architect at Los Amiere's University in Bradil when he was 18, but during his time there he developed a keen interest in the history of the ancient olympians, their culture, art and, more especially, their science and technology. When an experimental art and engineering project of his, which was modeled on several concepts borrowed from olympian technology on flight and the use of alternative energy sources, caught the attention of several scientists and physicists at the university, his best friend and project partner, Susanor Blut, tried to convince him to drop out of art school and persue a career as an engineer instead. Jacobius agreed to major as an engineer but continued to minor in art and architecture.
After recieving several honorary degrees in engineering and physics, Jacobius and Susanor founded Alsa Labs in 1988. Susanor served as the CEO, Chairman and Head Engineer at the new Start-Up, focusing her attention on developing technologies based on Quantam and Astro Physics; then very risky and narrow fields of science in Everlon, mostly pioneered by the Scandanavian race, who are not allowed to share their knowledge by the Angels and High-Master of Orem. Jacobius served as the company's CFO and Head of Research, though he was intially lazy and unambitious in his role to Susanor's annoyance; focusing most of his time, money and resources on modifying already existing patents and inventions of industry, office and household machinery.
Jacobius and Susanor, who had secretly been lovers and had been in an unstable and often conflict filled open-relationship since their teenage years, married in Juls 1989. Sadly, Susanor died a year later in November 1990 shortly after giving birth to her daughter, Matisilda Amelia Blut.
After a 2 year period of depression and disillusionment over the loss of his wife, during which Alsa Labs lost most of its financial backing and went bankrupt, Jacobius assumed the role of CEO and Chairman of the company, taking over all of Susanor's unfinished projects. By the year 2002, after filing in over 1,500 modified patents as well as 200 new patents of his own inventions, Jacobius became the wealthiest man in Everlon when Alsa Labs and the newly founded Trent Industries Inc. went public. But it was also during that year that Jacobius suffered yet another tragedy, when his then 11-year-old daughter, Matisilda, was kidnapped and murdered after an attack on the Tower when he was away in Atlantis, during his company's IPO.
The event of his daughter's death was widely publicised by the press. Jacobius was horribly criticised by many for neglecting and estranging his daughter during his rise to power and fame, leaving her to the care of his butler, Lercia Cromweld, which many assumed made her an easy target for the kidnappers. But Jacobius stayed strong through the ordeal and by the end of his company's IPO, he'd gained an estimated and unprecidented wealth of over 105 billion dollars.
Jacobius is perhaps most famously known for his inventions of the self-energising and self-sustaining Alsa Astro Engine which revolutionised the flight industry (and cut down on the world's CFC emissions by 40%), the Alsa Anti-graviton Plate, and the Alsa Moltav Emulator Microchip.
In 2006, after achieving his goal of working and collaborating with others on over 5120 inventions and modified patents, Jacobius decided to retire and leave the Tower of Parlen Min. In memory of Matisilda and Susanor, Jacobius invited 20 children to the Tower to spend the last few days there with him and compete in the Sword Challenge; a series of intricate puzzles and daring tasks, for a prize of 12 million dollars. 
cheers and thanks again for readin'


Thanks, a bunch Matt!  Also, if you haven't seen it yet, there is now a book trailer for Tower of Parlen Min which I have linked below so be sure to watch it!

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