Monday, September 19, 2011

Jack the Theorist by Jon Hartless

Title: Jack the Theorist

Author: Jon Hartless

Published: Vagabondage Press LLC, 13 August 2011

Pages: 51

First Line: "For three months, the denizens of London had been held in thrall by a faceless killer who stabbed and ripped indiscriminately and yet who managed to hide within one of the most densely populated areas of the city."

Summary: Only one man dares to confront the meaning behind the crimes. Only one man sees through the tangled skein to the truth. Only one man knows the answers. 

Or, at least, only one man thinks he knows the answers... Follow Professor Wolf, the world's first Ripperologist, on his delusional journey into the world of the Ripper. Follow his long-suffering friend, Sir Arthur Smythe, who suspects that it will all end in tears.

Gasp at the revelations. Tremble at the truth. Wonder at the sanity of a mind that leaps from conspiracy to conspiracy without ever touching reality.  (Taken from Goodreads)

Thoughts: Jack the Theorist is a neat little novella that centres around Jack the Ripper and the murders.  I really enjoyed it because it had a serious element to it but also a satirical element.

At first Jack the Theorist reminded me a little of Sherlock Holmes.  Sir Arthur Smythe was very observant and picked up on quite a few things that others didn’t.  His companion Wolf seemed like an interesting character too.  At first his theories seemed quite good and could make a lot of sense but then things kind of snowballed a little for him.

Not getting too much into detail about the plot (i.e not wanting to give away any spoilers) I have to say that Jack the Theorist was quite hilarious in how it played out.  At the same time there was the seriousness of the situation surrounding the mystery, which made it very enjoyable.

Overall, I really enjoyed Jack the Theorist.  I got quite a few laughs out of it and thoroughly enjoyed the surprise ending.  If you’re looking for a good satirical mystery novella then Jack the Theorist is well worth a read.

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