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The Journey Begins by Melissa Douthit

Title: The Journey Begins

Author: Melissa Douthit

Published: Lucky Bat Books, July 2011

Pages: 56

Series: Prequel to The Raie'Chaelia

First Line:"Corin pulled the dropper out of the bung and filled the small glass in his hand."

Summary: The Journey Begins, a prequel to The Raie’Chaelia, reveals the story of Chalice – the story of a girl from a quiet village, a girl a little different, a girl whose life is about to change … forever.

Canton is a beautiful, quaint village situated in the heart of Naeo’Gaea next to the aquamarine waters of the Creonar river. It’s citizens enjoy a quiet, peaceful life due to the prosperity of trade and commerce, and joyful celebrations abound all year long. For Chalice Pandretti, granddaughter to Sebastian and Naelli who own the Pandretti Inn and Winery, it is the perfect place to live and grow up. So why does she leave? What is the secret that drives her out? Who can she trust? Who are her loyal friends and who are not? In the story you learn what happens in the heroine’s life before her journey to the east and how she deals with the secrecy, the heartache, and the fear.
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Thoughts: The Journey Begins is a novella that introduces us to Chalice, the main character in The Raie’Chaelia.  The Journey Begins basically sets up the story before The Raie’Chaelia and gives a little insight into Melissa’s writing and the world of The Raie’Chaelia.

I really enjoyed reading The Journey Begins, it was really interesting as it opened up some questions into Chalice’s life, her village and all the goings on in her world.

I liked Chalice and I felt that The Journey Begins showed us a little of what she was like and it has definitely made me really curious as to who Chalice really is.

At this point I have no idea what The Raie’Chaelia is but I know that I can’t wait to find out.

I liked The Journey Begins, it was really interesting and offered up a great introduction to The Raie’Chaelia.  The ending left it open and I know that I’ll definitely be reading The Raie’Chaelia as soon as I can.

Source: Smashwords

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