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Kiss of Death by Lauren Henderson

Title: Kiss of Death

Author: Lauren Henderson

Published: Delacorte Books for Young Readers, May 2011

Pages: 307

Series: Book 4, Scarlett Wakefield

First Line: "This is absolutely the worst thing that's ever happened to me."

Summary: Scarlett thought Dan McAndrew's murder was long behind her, but when she and her classmates arrive in Edinburgh for a weeklong field trip, she's startled to be joined by her old St. Tabby's cohorts--and enemies--who are visiting the area on a field trip as well. Even more startling, Callum, Dan's surviving twin, is in the area--and his cold treatment leaves Scarlett wondering what's changed, especially when a series of attacks makes her believe that someone's out to get her for her past mistakes. Would Callum ever hurt her, though? And what's Scarlett to make of her conflicting feelings for Callum, now that Jase isn't around? Even more upsetting, why is her most trusted confidante, Taylor, acting distant and dismissive?  (Taken from Goodreads)

Thoughts: Scarlett’s back in the final instalment of the Scarlett Wakefield series.  I must say that I have had a fun time reading about her adventured and Kiss of Death was just as good as the other three books in the series.

The mystery in Kiss of Death was a little different.  This one wasn’t a murder mystery as such; it was more of a who is trying to commit murder mystery.  It had me guessing all the way through, there were a few people I had suspected it to be.  Well, to be honest I even suspected Taylor, but not giving anything away, I had not guessed who the culprit was right up until the very last moment.

I think that Kiss of Death is my favourite of the Scarlett Wakefield books.  This one I was laughing out loud quite a lot at and I just had such a fun time reading it.

The ending was very lovely, it wrapped everything up so nicely and it tied up all the loose ends.  I loved Kiss of Death and the whole series.  If you’re looking for a really fun mystery series, then the Scarlett Wakefield series by Lauren Henderson is definitely a good one to go for.

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