Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Winter's Tale by William Shakespeare

Title: The Winter's Tale

Author: William Shakespeare

Published: Signet Classics

Pages: 304

Thoughts: I always find it hard to talk about Shakespeare’s plays and so I don’t usually do ‘reviews’ for them.  However, this one is special in that it is a part of my challenge so here is my mini review of it.

The Winter’s Tale wasn’t my favourite work of Shakespeare but like all his plays I have read, I enjoyed it.

It isn’t the lightest of Shakespeare’s plays but it isn’t the darkest play ever either.  I read somewhere that people class it as a romance but I think it’s more a romance on the tragic side.

As always, the language of the book is what makes it fun.  I just love Shakespeare’s writing and The Winter’s Tale was definitely awesome.

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