Wednesday, June 15, 2011

LadyStar: The Dreamspeaker by W. Scott

Title: Ladystar: The Dreamspeaker

Author: W. Scott

Published: Palace in the Sky Publishing, February 2011

Series: Book 1, Ladystar the Ajan Warriors Series

First Line: " 'Be warned.' "

Summary: Prepare to do battle with the Greatest Fighting Team of Teenage Girls ever assembled!
Jessica Hoshi is just like any other girl. She loves music, playing in the marching band at school and spending time with her friends. One day, Jessica and her friends visit the Lakeshore Historical Society to take the Tall Ship Tour.
After they get separated from the tour group, Jessica discovers a gem-encrusted Lantern and a magically locked jewelry box below decks in the ship’s hold. A voice from inside the Lantern tells Jessica they are all in great danger. The jewelry box contains priceless stolen artifacts sought by ruthless and evil sorcerers known as Cryptics.
Minutes later, the vessel’s lights flicker to life and the sails fill with an invisible wind. The great ship sails across the lake carrying Jessica and all of her friends through an astral portal to an enchanted land called Aventar.
There, they meet the shadowy arcanist Reina, who tells them they must train at once to become Ajan Warriors. Unless they succeed, the treasures will be lost, and the last hopes of a betrayed people will fade forever.
These are the Adventures of Jessica Hoshi! Her Magical and Mysterious quest to discover the ancient and magnificent legend of the LadyStar begins as she encounters the powerful message of The Dreamspeaker!  (Taken from Goodreads)

Thoughts: Ladystar: The Dreamspeaker is a really fun read.  As I was reading through it, I thought it was a little reminiscent of maybe the power rangers crossed with Sailor Moon within a fantasy setting.  Both of those things I absolutely loved, so I had a lot of fun reading through Ladystar: The Dreamspeaker.

The characters were all really cool.  They all had their own little personalities and while it took me a while to figure out who everyone was and what their names were I still liked them all.  Actually, thinking about it, none of them bothered me too much so that was really cool.  Usually I’ll find one character that I dislike, but I liked all the characters in this.

One thing I liked while reading through, was that I had absolutely no idea where the plot was going to go.  It took me largely by surprise so it was really fun to see the progression of the story unfold before me.

The only thing that I didn’t like so much about Ladystar: The Dreamspeaker was that at times it felt like there were huge jumps in the plot so I kind of had to fill in the gaps for myself.  Other than that I had no problems with it.

Ladystar: The Dreamspeaker is a really fun read and if you love fantasy stories, with magic, adventure and awesome heroines then I encourage you to give this one a go.

Source: Heavy Cat Multimedia for review

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