Friday, April 1, 2011

Questions and Suggestions

Welcome to Day Two of our Blogoversary Party.  This time we are going to play a game similar to truth or dare but I have named it questions and suggestions.  As well as that you can also earn extra entries for our blogoversary giveaway.

How to Play:
There is a link below which will take you to a form that contains a box for a question and one for a suggestion.  If you have a question for us to answer submit it in the form.  If you have a suggestion do the same.  Both are optional and the form is completely anonymous so feel free to ask/suggest anything.

What do you mean by a question?
Anything.  It can be a question about books.  It can be asking for advice.  It can be a personal question.  Absolutely any question you feel like answering and we will answer every single question on Saturday the 9th of April.

What do you mean by a suggestion?
A suggestion is something like a post or something you would like to see on the blog.  Any suggestions we get we'll do.  So be creative!

How can I earn extra entries for the giveaway?
Asking a question will get you one entry, giving a suggestion will get you another entry and just for fun, if you do both you can have three entries.
Once you fill in the form comment below to say which you did for the entries.

Where is the form?
You can click this text to be taken to the form and don't forget to comment after to say whether you asked a question, left a suggestion or both for the extra entries into the contest.

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