Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Five reasons I haven't been reading much lately

I have hardly been reading for the last three weeks and that is because of these five reasons:

1. Hume. 
For my philosophy of human nature course we have just started learning about Hume and so get to read extracts from his book Treatise.  Last week we studied Hobbes and I found some of his ideas to be quite interesting.

2. The Cosmological Argument.
For my Philosophy of Religion paper I have been learning about the Cosmological Argument and got to watch this video:

3. Meanings of Words.
For my philosophy paper on Epistemology and Metaphysics.  But we did get to watch this funny little video to do with words and onomatopoeia.

4. Markov Chains.
I have been trying to get my head around Markov Chains and thanks to this video here I am actually understanding it better than I would without this video.

5. Conditional Probability. 
One of my favourite topics to do with statistics and mathematics is probability which we have been doing in my statistics course on Monte Carlo Methods and for part of the course we have been studying conditional probability.

I added the videos just in case anyone was bored or procrastinating plus it helps me study by my watching the videos as I put them up here so that's rather cool.  Anyway, these are the five reasons I have had little time to read.

I'm doing a double major in philosophy and statistics which is why I'm doing three papers on philosophy and two on statistics.

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