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The Family that Wasn't by Gene Twaronite

Title: The Family That Wasn't

Author: Gene Twaronite

Published: iUniverse, 2010

Pages: 128

First Line: "People lose families all the time."

Summary: The Family That Wasn't is a humorous fable of how our families live inside us. It will appeal to both teen and adult readers. The 13-year-old narrator, John Boggle (whose real name is John Bazukas-O'Reilly-Geronimo-Giovanni-Li Choy-Echeverria), finds his family so impossibly crazy that he cannot stand living with them another moment. He invents a new perfect family so convincing that he suddenly finds himself living inside this imaginary world.
But John finds that he too has changed. He sees his too perfect image in the mirror and begins to wonder if it is all some kind of mistake. Only trouble is, now he can't remember who he is. He only knows that he must leave this family at once. His sole clue is the name, John Boggle.
To find his true family he embarks on a cross country quest. Along the way he encounters other characters who have also lost touch with their families. Together they must find a way to reconstruct the connections to bring back the family that once was.  (Taken from Goodreads)

Thoughts: The Family That Wasn’t is an interesting story that focuses on John Boggle (Boggle is actually just an acronym for his actual last name of Bazukas-O'Reilly-Geronimo-Giovanni-Li Choy-Echeverria) and he one day writes his family off and ends up going on an adventure to get them back after the new family he created turned out to not be so fantastic.

The Family that Wasn’t is a really quick read so it didn’t take me long to read through it at all.  It starts off with a little bit of background into John’s family history which I thought was really good as it really put the story into perspective and set the scene for the rest of the book.

I went into The Family that Wasn’t with no expectations because I had no idea what it would be like.  I have to say that I found it to be quite entertaining and a nice little story that is quite unlike any other I have read for a while.

The characters in The Family that Wasn’t are all very unique and very interesting characters.  I’d say there would never be a true dull day in the Boggle household.

If you’re looking for a quick but highly original novel that focuses on family then give The Family that Wasn’t a go because it is quite a good story.

Source: Gene Twaronite for review

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