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Nina Questor by Ken Catran

Title: Nina Questor

Author: Ken Catran

Published: HarperCollins NZ, 2011

Pages: 352

Series: Sequel to Nina of the Dark

First Line: "Norbon stopped a moment to rest and control his breathing."

Summary: The legendary Nina of the Dark has come into her power and won a mighty kingdom - but her battle has just begun. The witchers, those dark lords of evil, still plague the land ... and seek Nina′s death. 

Forsaking both daughter and kingdom, and armed only with her fabled sword Brightsong, Nina is flown across the mountains by Illyugi the dragon, at best an uncertain ally. She must quest the Broken Lands for the secrets of her destiny as Nina the Chosen. To discover what it is she has been chosen for. However, each step of the journey takes her further into the morass of confusion and uncertainty that plagues her world - and her dreams. 

Ahead lies a bloody and treacherous path, filled with pain and horror. That her thumbs ache with prescience fills her with foreboding when she links up with Fell, the young, black-amoured mercenary. Can she trust him - anyone - as she seeks the witchers′ hidden stronghold to destroy their power? 

Or will the witchers destroy Nina, the last hope of her world? (Taken from Goodreads)

Review: After reading Nina of the Dark and not liking it very much I was a tad apprehensive when it came to reading Nina Questor.  I figured that Nina Questor could either be worse or it could be better.  Fortunately for me the latter was true and I found Nina Questor to be far superior to its predecessor.

I actually really enjoyed Nina Questor.  It could be because I went into it with low expectations or that it just was that good of a read.  For starters, the plot of Nina Questor is not confusing at all, I didn't find myself getting lost or confused and there were no horrible twists that left me questioning everything I thought I knew about the book.

One thing that disappointed me a little was that the character Alen, who happens to be my favourite, wasn't in this book.  There was a character called Fell, that I warmed up to a little however.

Nina Questor was a good fantasy and I found it to be slightly reminiscent of Emily Rodda's Deltora Quest; a series I absolutely love.  I think the main reason for this is that Nina Questor is all about Nina setting off on an epic quest and I love those types of books.

The ending hints at there being the possibility of another book and if it is as good as Nina Questor then I will definitely be interested in reading it.

I think that Nina Questor is rather enjoyable and far superior to its predecessor Nina of the Dark.  If you can read your way through Nina of the Dark then I guarantee that Nina Questor will be a rich and rewarding read.

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